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investing in oilInvesting in oil is not something that every investor can or should consider.

In fact, some of the most lucrative forms of investing in oil are restricted to specific investors who meet stringent financial and asset criteria that demonstrate their ability to withstand the risk of investing in oil. However, if you are an accredited investor considering the possibility of investing in oil, there is potentially no better time to do so than now.

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In the last several months, the price of oil has spiked, dropped slightly, and is predicted to spike again. Foreign supplies of oil have been detained or blockaded. Foreign suppliers have threatened to withhold supplies as a political move. Demand for oil has been increasing almost exponentially from countries like China and India that are on the cusp of becoming highly industrialized. Investing in oil is one way to ensure that no matter what happens with the commodity, you are positioned to have some control over how it affects you.

Investing in oil can benefit you as an investor in a number of ways. Not only does investing in oil offer you a number of attractive tax benefits and potentially high rates of return, but it can put you in a position of making an investment that has the potential to directly impact the U.S. economy. No different than the oil tycoons of the late 18th Century, those who are investing in oil now stand to be the ones who shape America’s destiny for decades to come.

Investing in oil as an accredited investor in the United States allows you the opportunity to participate in direct partnership programs and obtain units of ownership in oil wells around the country. The supply is there; it simply needs the savvy investor willing to help fund the process of locating, developing, and drilling in order to reach the supply. By investing in oil, you not only help the economy through the creation of additional jobs in the industry and in supporting industries, but you also have a direct impact on the amount of domestic oil available for our consumption.

Investing in oil in the 21st Century carries risk, but unlike the risk faced by the tycoons of old, today’s investors have new technologies that make finding and extracting oil – even oil that could previously not be extracted – much easier. Through investing in oil, now is the time for America to reclaim its position as a premier oil supplier.

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